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Before Translation, Please Delete!

Oh, of course, I do not mean delete your text. Just make sure that when calculating your document in order to assure the best price possible that the following is deleted or omitted when calculating the price for translation:

  1. Sometimes, people send me documents to have translated and there is a list of 50 names. These do not need translation. They can be omitted when calculating the cost of a translation
  2. A lot of numbers. If there are several pages of financials in the translation, make sure that you are not paying full price for this. The translation of numbers nowadays is quite automatic in the translation world. This also applies to proofreading. Translation of numbers in texts should always be electronically checked to ensure that there is no error.
  3. Automatic tables of contents and indexes. These are automatic. Make sure that they are not included when calculating the price of a translation.
  4. Redundant spaces in the text or text tags. Beware:  Some count programs consider placeholders, tags or also redundant spaces as text. Make sure the settings of your count program do not include these or make sure that these things are excluded from calculation.

Remember, the best way to “see” what is being calculated, no matter what type of text it is entails copying the entire amount of text into a txt file. Turn on the “visualize characters” and you will see everything that is being taken into account by a count program. Use the stats here as a basis. Three will always be slight variation between counting programs and I guess we all have to allow for a light percentage of error, but always strive for an accurate basis when counting a document. Remember, you can still included these things for translation, but you do not have to include them in the price of your translations. In the end, you will save a lot of money.

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