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Templates and Translation

Whether standard operating procedures (SOPs), material safety data sheets (MSDS), product safety data sheets (PSDS) or mere product descriptions, any company using standardized processes is going to take advantage of template of some kind or another.

Well, what if you have to translate those templates and their content? How can you save money?

Very often, companies will send hundreds of pages of data templates in for translation and if all of these templates are the same, please remember, make ensure that the words in the template are only counted a single time! Otherwise, you will be paying for same translation again and again frivolously. You should not be charged at all for templates that occur on each page of a translation In this connection, after the initial translation of the template, you should never have to pay for its translation again.

Here is the most efficient way to prepare a template for translation:

1. Put all of the text contained in an empty template into an Excel file and have this translated a single time.

2. The total number of source words (or corresponding lines) in the excel file should be subtracted from each page of template submitted to calculate an exact word count.
Here is the formula:
– Total word/line count of the filled in template document submitted for translation minus the number of words/lines contained in the empty source template multiplied by the number of template pages in total.

3. This total should be then multiplied by the price for translation to get a total amount.

The reason for putting the words into the Excel file allows the translator to enter the translation into his/her term base after translation so all templates will automatically assume the correct translation at very little effort on the translator’s part. This translated Excel file can be passed on to another translator if necessary and imported in the same manner, ensuring the consistency of all templates.

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