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Ethics and Translation

Today’s article is on ethics and translation. This is kind of a silly topic, but is something that many people never think of. Have you ever thought of the challenges faced when translating controversial topics? (e.g. military equipment, pornography ,or the mass breeding of chickens). If your translations project entails translating such subject matter, it is wise to be extra careful and plan some extra time.

First of all, it is at times difficult to locate a good translator to translate documents pertaining to these topics. There are many translators that specifically state in their resumes that they want nothing to do with certain topics. Judging if this makes sense is not the topic of this posting, but if you do have translations in these fields, keep in mind that it is wise when first working with an agency to get a few test translations first and plan enough time in for your projects to make sure that a qualified person is working on the translations and not just anybody.

Politics can often be an issue as well. Imagine how difficult it is to find a translator for the language of one country for another country that is considered an enemy? From this standpoint, security is also a great issue that has to be clarified before such translation projects begin.

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