Saving money on translations

Framework Agreements and Translation Agencies

In the world of business, the most important word is negotiation. Providing translations is a business and even here, there is no exception. If you find that you are translating very high volumes with a single agency on a regular basis, it might be wise to ask about concluding framework agreements with them.

Many agencies offer these as an incentive to their clients over the long term. It entails signing an agreement guaranteeing, on a regular basis, specified translation volumes within a certain time period at stipulated terms and conditions. By doing this, it can save both time and costs over the long term.

Here are some of the advantages.

  1. If you promise certain translation volumes over a specific time frame on a regular basis, the agency can do the same with their translators, negotiating special prices. This savings is then passed on to you.
  2. In the case of very small projects, agencies tend to be much for flexible with their minimum fees if the customer has concluded a framework agreement with the agency.
  3. Depending on translation volume, additional quality assurance measures and processes can be tailored to meet your requirements over the long term. The agreement ensures that you will be a long-term customer. This is an incentive for the agency to please you.
  4. Generally, your translations will be done faster. A framework agreement and knowing about what you are going to translate early on allow the agency / office to plan your projects in advance, ensuring the availability of translators and proofreaders. This makes the translation and proofreading process faster and results in faster deliveries.

The overall effect of a framework agreement can be positive if you have larger volumes to translate at a time. It also ensures that your translations are done more quickly, more efficiently, and at a better price. In order to know if a framework agreement is right for you, the best thing to do would be to ask. Who knows, it might save you a lot of money.

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