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Free Resources for Small Businesses and Translation Agencies

Whether advertising in New York, Vienna, Munich and Tokyo, or in smaller places like Linz, Salzburg or Denver, establishing your own business is a challenge. In the world of today, there are so many possibilities available. Communication literally costs nothing; there are free resources available online for many small businesses, giving even the smallest start-up the possibility to develop the same infrastructure that many top companies take benefit from.

Internet search engines make all of these free opportunities and resources easy to find, if you know what to look for.

The most important foundation you can have entails establishing a website. Many providers offer free website services and additional services for very little money. Here, you just have to go to a search engine and search for “your website free” and check out all of the offers.

Do not forget to do a bit of benchmarking when developing your website content. You have to know what your competitors are offering and how you can meet that or even top it. When developing any business, the most important thing is to develop an “economic moat”, an economic moat around the castle you call a business. Your business needs that little something, that little edge that makes you better than all the rest. What is that edge? That is the test of how good you are in the field of business. Creativity is the key. After you have developed the content, do a little bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure that your website and its content will be ranked properly. To do this, just go to a search engine using the key words “SEO check free”. There are several services that are capable of perform a website analysis of your website, allowing you to gain the information you need to improve it.

Next, start a blog related to your business or even several that are related and make sure that you include many links to your site. Nowadays, having a blog is paramount to any business and not only for mere website ranking. It is also a great opportunity to show the world what is going on with your business and give you a chance to share your expertise. There are many places you can go to establish a free blog for your business, but I would suggest integrating a blog into your website itself. Search engines check your website to see if it is being changed and growing. A blog allows this to happen and in addition, if the information is interesting, it encourages people to visit your website repeatedly. In order to bring more visitors to your blog, join some blog networks and list your blog. Go to a search engine and type in “submit your blog” and look at all the options available. Most are free of charge.

Once a website has been established and has been properly optimized, get it translated. A multilingual website not only opens up more markets to you, but also makes a very good impression on the prospective visitor viewing your website. In addition, with the additional language, your website will have more changes of being indexed in various search engines specifically for that language, bringing more visitors to your site, thus improving your search ranking. Another good idea is to join some social bookmarking platforms and submit both your blog and website links for other viewers to find. Just go to a search engine and type in “social bookmarking free”.

If I can give you a single piece of advice, make sure your website is perfect before submitting your website to search engines. It is imperative to submit your website to numerous directories and search engines, and the majority of these are free of charge. To do this, just go to a search engine and search for “submit your URL free” and you will receive a listing of many directories and search engines as well as services that will automatically submit your website to other directories and search engines automatically.. It is up to you to decide which ones. The most important are most certainly Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The next thing that you can do is take advantage of all the free social media platforms out there. Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube are just a few. You should register with all of them and many even offer the possibility to set up a page just for your company. Get on forums related to your business and talk to others, set up Google Alerts to inform you whenever your company is mentioned in the Internet, but in this Internet frenzy, don’t forget that the best advertisement and the best way to promote your business is by going out an meeting people. There are platforms such as, for example, to go out and meet new people, take part in activities and have fun, but it is only natural that you would talk to your good friends about what you do for a living. Check with your local chamber of commerce or find a trade show or a conference that is related to your business that you can visit. Rest assured, your friends and those who have used your services will always be your best promoters. This is known as “word-of-mouth advertising”. That is why having business cards is a great thing. Therefore, it is also the first thing any individual purchases when he/she starts his or her own company. Make sure you give your business card to everyone you know. In fact, even if you are at the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, take your food and give the person serving it to you your business card. If you go and eat somewhere or go to a shop to purchase an item, give that person your business card. Maybe that person will not need your services, but they may know someone who does. You yourself will always be your best promoter. The fact that business cards cost almost nothing nowadays is the next best thing.

Next, enter into your search engine “advertise free” or “free classifieds” and you will be busy for weeks going through all of the free advertising opportunities available. Many online advertisers even offer free gift certificates with no strings attached. Yes, of course, they want you to try their services and profit from them so you come back for more, but take advantage of every possibility you can get to promote your business.

There are also tons of business resources on the net, just enter into a search engine “free business resources”. These resources range from graphic design and customer relations management all the way to invoicing and finance applications. There are many places where you can make and send newsletters and develop mailing lists free, just search for “create newsletter free” in the Internet and look at everything that is offered. If you need an application for customer surveys, just search for “customer survey free” and look at all of the things that are offered.

Next, do not forget about all the free literature and videos that are offered on the Internet on running your business and marketing it. Go to a search engine and enter things like “marketing your business pdf”, “business advertising free eBook”, “marketing 101 video”. These are just ideas, but be creative and you will be blown away with all of the literature available.

In conclusion, yes, there are many things to buy in the Internet and advertising can be very expensive, but in the world of today, you can search the entire world at the touch of a button, finding free resources and advertising is not a difficult thing to do, it just takes a bit of time and effort.

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