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Happy International Translation Day !!!

Since 1953, people have been celebrating International Translation Day on 30 September, the day of St. Jerome’s feast. Why? St. Jerome is recognised as the patron saint for all translators due to his immaculate work of translating biblical texts. This annual celebration was originally established by the International Federation of Translators.

The event gives people an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of translators around the globe who strive to make the world “smaller” by breaking down language barriers, allowing various forms of communication to be enjoyed far more widely. In light of the high level of internationalisation and globalisation of trade markets, translation work has assumed an increasingly important role. On International Translation Day, seminars, conventions, symposiums and special events take place across the globe. It is seen as a day that is meant especially for the translation community, being a time where issues, developments, challenges and success throughout the industry are debated and discussed.

On this note, Ferris Translations would like to wish you a Happy Translation Day!

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