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Videos for Promotional Purposes and their Translation

Translating videos is important

Videos have become a huge marketing tool for businesses and organizations. Since videos are highly shareable, they tend to be seen more often. In fact, Cisco estimated that as of this year, 74% of all consumer internet traffic is made up of video.

Why You Need to Add Subtitles to Your Videos

The first thing you should consider is to add captions to all of your videos in the native language of the speaker. Since Facebook has the auto-play feature now, you will capture a viewer’s attention with the scrolling words.

Advertisers are reporting that captions are increasing video engagement by 14%. This simple thing will increase viewership significantly.

Here’s a few more reasons that subtitles help your audience:

Watch it Anywhere

If you have a content based video, viewers have to be in the right place to watch it. Playing a video with sound is not always appropriate. When there are subtitles, a viewer will have an easier time seeing what you have to say.

Peaks Curiosity

Scrolling words peaks the curiosity of a viewer. They sit there in anticipation and wait for the next sentence to appear. Viewers will stay focused on the video much longer when there are scrolling words.

Why You Need to Add Translated Subtitles To Your Videos

Another way to serve your viewers and increase your reach is to add translated subtitles to videos. Here’s a few reasons to consider translating your videos in multiple languages:

Reach More People

This allows you to reach people in their native language with your message. Videos tend to go viral, and that means that many cultures may come in contact with it.

Target Different Demographics

All ad platforms allow you to target your ads to specific locations and demographics. Because of this, you can use the same high quality video to reach many different cultures. You can greatly expand your reach with this strategy.

Consider translating your video captions into one language and targeting native speakers of that language and see how well it does. Then you can go through the process again of translating the video into another language and start targeting other demographics.

Build Brand Authority

Any time you create a better user experience, you are developing brand authority. People will recognize that you have taken the time and effort to meet them where they are located. Translated subtitles in a viewer’s native language offers a great way to achieve this level of brand recognition.

When more people can relate to your brand, you develop a larger following. This will also help your brand authority to grow. The more people there are to support you, the more they will share the experience they have with their friends.

You Need a Human Translator

It is important to have real people handle the translations as opposed to computer programs. While there are many programs out there that can offer translation services, (including Facebook), you still have to go over the subtitles for accuracy.

A human eye needs to look over all subtitles that are created to make sure that the translation matches up with what is being said. Poor translations do not serve your viewers, rather, cause them to feel confused or frustrated.

Also, there’s more to translating than simply saying what is being said by the other party word for word. A good translator knows how to rephrase what is being said into a relatable way.

Investing in videos that feature translated subtitles is very important for your business. No matter what your industry, your viewers can definitely benefit from this service.

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