officeClients determine quality by the requirements they set and the expectations they have. That was the philosophy of the quality pioneer, William Edwards Deming, and also what Ferris Translations believes in.

In addition to adhering to our customers’ needs, Ferris translations will carry out your translations according to the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 for translation services. Our DIN CERTCO registration highlights our high quality standards and related quality processes that are continuously being improved.

What does upholding this standard mean for you as our client?

It means that you are working with a TSP (Translation Service Provider) that has documented standard procedures in place that ensure that:

- our translations services comply with DIN EN ISO 17100, a standard that has been considered to best practice in the industry.

- a project management system is in place that ensures efficiency, from order acceptance to delivery

- the translators selected to do your translations are qualified translators

DIN EN ISO - Reg. no. 7U456
Reg. no. 7U456

- your inquires are processed in an efficient manner

- translations are revised according to a quality management system by a second professional, the two-man rule

- the quality of your translated document is verified by numerous processes

- linguistic and stylistic requirements of the translation project are met

- your project is delivered on time

- as our customer, you are satisfied with the translation

In addition to this, the standard not only ensures the formatting of the document, but also that linguistic style, register, and terminology are upheld in the target language. It ensures that specifications are met, assuring that the text you have translated is analyzed professionally. Combined with great customer communication, doing this makes you aware of every aspect of your translation, allowing you to have a direct role in defining exactly what you expect from us with regard to our services.

Each translation undergoes a multistage correction and review process in order to ensure a final product that is free from error.

State-of-the-art software tools for translation and terminology management track processes as well as ensure consistency within translations.

If you have text that you would like translated, regardless of what format it is, you are in good hands at Ferris Translations. Having a great deal of experience in the localisation business, we offer you high-quality translations. With regard to language style, it is important to us that our translations do not sound “translated”. The text should seem as if it had been originally written in the target language.

Translation Process

- Analysis of text and word count -

- Determine appropriate translator -

- Determine deadlines and requirements -

- Determine costs -

- Send quote and receive order -

- Translation by native translator  -

- Verification of translation consistency -

- Proofreading by a second native speaker -

- Final verification process -

- Delivery -